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Personalised night light

Feel the excitement, happiness and astonishment a personalised night light can bring to you of a loved one. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, our leading team is well equipped to manufacture impeccable custom night lights for you. By ensuring the perfect design, lighting brightness and the overall functionality - our team goes above and beyond to ensure each light is special and rare. When it comes to a custom name night light, Boundless Impressions is your leading choice.

All of our leading personalised name night lights are a gorgeous inclusion to your child's nursery or bedroom. They make a great gift idea to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or a birthday - a special keepsake that can be cherished for a lifetime. Here at Boundless Impressions, we are only limited to your mind and creativity. We work alongside all our clients and make their ideas become a reality when it comes to a customised name light, wall planners, acrylic signs and many more products. Our personalised night light range allows you to have personalised lighting in your home. Perfect for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms, these bright LED base lamps are accompanied by changeable slides to display personalised words and names. Pick from a range of pre-designed slides for the perfect home décor piece or tell us your idea and we will make it happen for you.

A light with your name on it? How Amazing!

When you hear the phrase “personalised name night lights” contact us! If you are wondering where to buy a personalised night light, or how much night lights cost, simply browse our range or contact us directly for a quote. Moreover, feel free to browse our online store and get a feel for our excellence. Finally, you can see more products, including our personalised name night lights range on our socials.

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