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Custom Routine/Rewards Chart

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Our timber routine chart is a great way to positively reinforce good routine & habits for any member of the family!

Each child has 7 hanging spaces. 6 for the routine token & 1 for a coloured star to hang once all routines have been completed.

Comes with 6 custom tokens & 1 coloured star per person. Let us know what titles you would like for each token & we'll add an image to match.

Perhaps you'd like to use this board for a rewards Chart instead? Titles & tokens are completely customisable so let us know your requirements! 

Board is made from 4mm birch plywood and measures:

28cm H x 40cm W (with up to 2 Names)

35cm H x 40cm W (with 3 - 4 Names)

Includes: 1 x Wooden Board with Title & each Name in Coloured Acrylic, 6 x Wooden Tokens for each Person, 1 x Star for each Pearson & 1 x Cloth Bag to store each set of tokens/Star for each Person.

Standard board is flat on the back to stand against any hard surface or mount direct to a wall using 3M Velcro Strips (not included).

We also have the option to include cord ready to hang (additional cost applies).