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Medium 2 Layer Acrylic Cake Topper (12cm)

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Jazz up any Cake with these double layer acrylic Cake Toppers! 

Acrylic Cake Toppers are cut from 3mm Acrylic base topped with a second layer of acrylic in your chosen wording/design. Acrylic available in a variety of Standard Colours, Mirror Finish or Glitter Finish. Please note that prices vary on some colours and will be shown on selection.

Size will be approx 12cm Wide & Height will depend on how many lines you choose & the design. Please let us know your design details in the box provided and select a font from the drop down box. 

NOTE: If you choose 1 Line then this will a Total of 12cm Wide all on one line.
If you choose two lines, then words will be over 2 lines with the total width being 12cm.
If you choose 3 lines then words will be spread over 3 lines etc.